Dress your lips

Dress lips can be really easy for some girls or a disaster for others, let's discover how to make sure to always have your lips on fleek !

make your lips look thiner

Favor dark or dusky colors rather than bright ones and do NOT put your lipstick/gloss up to your mouth extremities

The nude colors will be your best friends !  ( really appreciated by Jlo)


make your lips look bigger

Favor brilliant and bright colors, don't be scared to put a lip pencil around your mouth before put your lipstick on.

                                          ~THINK P.I.N.K~

lipstick,  lip gloss or both ?

• the lipstick will last longer on your mouth but has not this "shiny" effect

•the lip gloss has this effect but doesn't last very long

                                             So the winner is......

                       THE LIPSTICK GLOSSY (the best invention ever)

A perfect mix between both, the lipstick glossy has all the advantages: the lip gloss brightness and the lipstick long duration.