The first thing I always do

Believe me or not, the first thing I do before I know what I'm really gonna wear to go to a party or an event is to take an "outfit of the day style" picture. To me, if it looks good on the picture, it will looks good on me. So I take many pictures and the best one will be what I will wear

It's really a difficult thing to do, but you gotta choose carefuly your outfit according to the kind of party or event you go to. Some people don't know how to measure the event importance with the outfit they're gonna wear and that's what i call the "incoherent style"

choose well what I'm gonna wear


when your like  this

to go there:

or on the contrary

go there:

dressed like this:

okey, these exemples are extrem, but it's just for you to realize, so be careful!

choose your accesories

no matter what you'll wear, the only rule is: has only one impsing acccessory. Either dangling earrings, a large necklace or a big bracelet but not all at the same time

choose your makeup

I recommend neutral colors or shades that go with all like gold or silver. remember: we make up either the eyes or the mouth, but not both. I have a preference for eyes but everyone is different

my advices

• prepare your outfit one day earlier : you never know what can happen
• makes your nails: they sublimate your outfit
• takes a small purse; just to put what you need in
• If you plan to wear heels, make sure to also have flat shoes
•  take a picture before going out: you'll really see if you like what you look like

(photographer: Alicia Moon)

Xx Kimber Phenix xX